Dope Tech: The Fastest Drone AND Car Yet!

The 87mph drone, the 211mph electric supercar and beyond!
DJI FPV: www.dji.com/dji-fpv
Rimac Concept One: manhattanmotorcars.com/inventory/new-2019-rimac-concept-one-coupe-v39110ll7k2ab8009/
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  1. David Gallegos

    David Gallegos

    3 小时 前

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  2. Daniel Misner

    Daniel Misner

    4 小时 前

    My Mini Cooper feels like a go-kart😉

  3. Yeezy Supply

    Yeezy Supply

    5 小时 前

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  4. Ethan Kinser

    Ethan Kinser

    6 小时 前

    that car isn't even that low at all lol, looks higher than a stock wrx's height.

  5. thevan thivesh

    thevan thivesh

    11 小时 前

    Do a review of the Poco F3

  6. Valerie Brentin

    Valerie Brentin

    15 小时 前

    The Rimac is right side up? Weird. Hammond doesn't approve.

  7. Sierra Symone

    Sierra Symone

    15 小时 前

    Richard Hammond made sure it was only gonna be one rimac per continent 😂😂

  8. Kasun Sameera

    Kasun Sameera

    23 小时 前

    It sounds better than V6 Hybrid era F1 cars! The drone I mean

  9. Armando Pace

    Armando Pace

    23 小时 前

    Dji fpv drone struggles to do 60mph 👎👎sorry. It's a bad fpv drone

  10. Frequent Flyer RC

    Frequent Flyer RC

    天 前

    Hey MKBHD.. Have you ever flown indoor toy drones? Tiny Whoop? AWESOME.. you need one in your life 😜👍🏿💯

  11. Ana Catalina Hernandez

    Ana Catalina Hernandez

    天 前

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  12. choose the right path and be free

    choose the right path and be free

    天 前


  13. Andrew Kimberlin

    Andrew Kimberlin

    天 前

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  14. sirBumpyCase


    2 天 前

    2:15 haha, buddy. There's always soldering. It's the only way.

  15. Sam T

    Sam T

    2 天 前

    Terrific. I have been flying the hobby / fpv drones for a couple years now: DJI really nailed it with this exciting consumer-grade fpv drone. Note: you are that much closer to "racing drone" with this, as the goggles are the identical model to what the fpv community is using in the "HD" versions of our home-built, "soldered", racing drones. ;)

  16. Thomas M Smith

    Thomas M Smith

    2 天 前

    DOUG SCORE!!!!

  17. Pepe Perez

    Pepe Perez

    2 天 前

    16:45 that moment when the aspect ratio of the insta 360 footage does not match the rest of the project and the clip bellow in the final cut timeline shoes on the sides. Been there before myself! Comforting to know that it also happens to a pro like Marques...

  18. Handsome


    2 天 前

    that's a funny intro (i think)

  19. Zaryab Irfan

    Zaryab Irfan

    2 天 前

    We all in know the Rimac isn't a car it's for shaving your legs if you're a lady

  20. Techformative


    3 天 前

    Theres only 7 left...Richard Hammond crashed one and it blew up

  21. Jeremy D

    Jeremy D

    3 天 前

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  22. OrangeGT


    3 天 前

    Dont let hammond drive it

  23. Scott Walker

    Scott Walker

    3 天 前

    The flying potato, the flying coffee maker, the flying stapler... Good video...not a fan of the DJI FPV drone simply because I am not into that laid back cinematic style of fpv flying. I am sure it's a great drone for it's intended use and perhaps it may get more people into the hobby once they realize how fun it is to go fast.

  24. RB DGR8

    RB DGR8

    3 天 前

    This is the lowest that Marques has ever been! (Pun intended)

  25. Olatunde Fajimi

    Olatunde Fajimi

    3 天 前

    MKBHD Media Empire is expanding! Great video and great news about the collaboration with Top Gear.

  26. Ayush Ravi

    Ayush Ravi

    3 天 前

    you made that car look like hot wheel size

  27. xevious2501


    4 天 前

    one thing for sure, its amazing how much sound deadening is accomplished with typical combustion cars, and its not because of the engine noise. Thats the knee jerk assumption but its not true As there are a tone of cars that doesn't make much noise at all from their engine or exhaust. Theirs just great engineering of key components that you dont commonly think of that eliminates much of the road and rock and pebble noise. Things like fender guards in the wheel well, thin sheets of foam typically cover with foil within the body panels, in cabin rugs. all making contact with the body to deaden the sound on impact and prevent the sound from traveling. but its when cars are ment to go faster and those things are remove for weight savings is when all that noise returns. forget if your traveling down a rocky pebbly road.

  28. LT News

    LT News

    4 天 前

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  29. Jay Amarillo

    Jay Amarillo

    4 天 前

    the Rimac concept 1 was gangsta until it exploded and burned after Richard Hammond crashed it.



    4 天 前

    I thought that's toy car for him and he is going to weigh it with his two hands.. Bro.. you are just awesome..

  31. sibiris


    4 天 前

    4:20 damn that's a cool shot.

  32. Jeremy Delgado

    Jeremy Delgado

    4 天 前

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  33. chuybaker24


    4 天 前

    the Doug score xD nice easter egg there

  34. NolanOh!


    4 天 前

    Marques doesn't like stopsigns I see 11:39 *jokes*

  35. joel castro

    joel castro

    5 天 前

    driving a super car and doesnt stop at stop sign. lol

  36. The Wavy Gamers

    The Wavy Gamers

    5 天 前


  37. Tre916


    5 天 前

    Yeah, the lower you are to the ground the faster it feels, that's why I loved my old CRX Si which was also basically a go kart. It was so low it felt like you were flying when you were only doing like 60.

  38. Colby Berry

    Colby Berry

    5 天 前

    I can’t believe he ran a stop sign. Not very safe

  39. George Davidson

    George Davidson

    5 天 前

    I bet Rimac was happy to get this one back in working condition and not as a smoldering wreck off a swiss mountainside.

  40. Che1seabluesdrogba11


    5 天 前

    They use some pretty fast ones for Formula Drift, getting pretty nice shots

  41. TheYeetus14


    5 天 前

    My FPV drone goes more than 100mph.

  42. John Daniel

    John Daniel

    5 天 前

    Honestly I don't care that there are only 7 more in the world. I'm just glad that Richard Hammond is okay.

  43. james murphy

    james murphy

    5 天 前

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  44. Miguel Romero

    Miguel Romero

    6 天 前

    Koenigsegg Jesko Absolute next

  45. Sam Fernandez

    Sam Fernandez

    6 天 前

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  46. Sreenath R

    Sreenath R

    6 天 前

    That's the car Hammond crashed in Grand Tour.....

  47. scaryplayer


    6 天 前

    Coil cyclone

  48. Vishan L

    Vishan L

    6 天 前

    I have a feeling a lot more people will be getting into fpv drones after this 😂

  49. Exotic Butters

    Exotic Butters

    6 天 前

    11:40 my mans just california rolled through that stop sign. Imagine getting a ticket while test driving a car 😨

  50. Five TV Official Channel

    Five TV Official Channel

    6 天 前

    i like your video

  51. Homie H

    Homie H

    6 天 前

    Русские есть?

  52. Beau Schneider

    Beau Schneider

    7 天 前

    Really cool you mentioned Doug Demuro. I think he's the best at car reviews on CNround. Look forward to seeing your car reviews though now!

  53. SnarkAdmin


    7 天 前

    Marques is secretly The Stig.

  54. X1IKS


    7 天 前

    sory=ry, my yaris has mor performance :p

  55. B H

    B H

    7 天 前

    Fastest drone goes over 300km/hr.

  56. Baro Oxide

    Baro Oxide

    7 天 前

    My 5inch quad is 148mph(ground gps speed) with full set DJI FPV system with similar gimbal 6S battery max with 3600kv brushless motor most possible power on VTX that can keep 600m video range and 800m controlling range with 8channel and i use 6s 1550mah battery, then i can fly my love for ~14min and professionally call those mode air mode, horizon mode, acro mode. This default DJI FPV quad isn't the best.

  57. MELO


    7 天 前

    Doug score :)

  58. TAKEO


    7 天 前

    Hammond lol

  59. EaZy FPV

    EaZy FPV

    7 天 前

    I cant wait til all these new people break this thing on the first crash. I can wreck my Carbon Fiber Frames all day! No "Normal" mode all out all the time.

  60. Mr Achromatic

    Mr Achromatic

    7 天 前

    Got me good on the Doug score lol.

  61. Nikhil Sawant

    Nikhil Sawant

    7 天 前

    The Suspensions 😑

  62. Broken MotorWagen

    Broken MotorWagen

    7 天 前

    leading up to the "Doug Score", LOL! Well played.

  63. Phil May

    Phil May

    8 天 前

    If they ever make a horror movie about giant mosquitoes from hell.......they will sound like this thing. Or maybe big bees on meth. As for the car........if they can sell multi million dollar Chirons and P1’s and Koenigseggs, why didn’t this car make it into production. I’m sure there was a market for it.

  64. Sinothando nqulo

    Sinothando nqulo

    8 天 前

    Did he just disrespect The Grand Tour by saying that the rimac crashed on TOP GEAR??



    8 天 前

    I have a drone that will leave that weak thing in The dust.

  66. DEP Ind. FPV

    DEP Ind. FPV

    8 天 前

    This is by no means the fastest drone yet. Fpv racing drones are way faster.

  67. Payment Account

    Payment Account

    8 天 前

    Guys racer drones are faster and smaller than this

  68. ShotYall


    8 天 前

    Or or hear me out... you build your own drone capable of many more things than this $1200 monster and along the way you figure out how to fix it if it breaks. I see many comments on how hard they are to build.. please my 10 y/o cousin built one. Finally what happens when you crash your DJI drone and break it?

  69. LLC


    8 天 前

    The problem with each evolution of 360 Go2 cameras will ironically be that they keep making them bigger. Lets just hope they stop that B.S. LOL

  70. Tarek Sheryani

    Tarek Sheryani

    8 天 前

    They copied GTA 5's Coil Cyclone what the heck.

  71. mamaie


    8 天 前


  72. Super Six One

    Super Six One

    8 天 前

    Doug score lol

  73. Eric Xavier

    Eric Xavier

    8 天 前

    _Quirks & features, son._

  74. lev frank

    lev frank

    8 天 前

    I know of a hamster that fits in it. He even tested ALL its features including the airbags.

  75. jthedarkwolf


    8 天 前

    Drone isn't the fastest fpv ever, but it's the fastest dji ever.

  76. Drone Worship Motovlogs

    Drone Worship Motovlogs

    8 天 前

    The DJI fpv drone is definitely not the fastest drone.... it's actually really on the slow end of race drones it barely comes into the speed for qualifying as a freestyle quad. Most of our basic freestyle rigs that run 5S can break a hundred and twenty miles per hour easily and most of our race rigs can break 160 or better. Apparently you don't know much about drones and this video seems like a push for the car and the Drone for the company I'm not a fan of sellouts

  77. Dhrubo Adhikary

    Dhrubo Adhikary

    8 天 前

    Pretty like this video. Marques really do quality tech videos. Insane for me. If I can buy them that will be awesome.🤔✌️✌️

  78. Bwoah


    8 天 前

    its not the fastest car what are you on about?

  79. Николай Колотов

    Николай Колотов

    8 天 前

    Dude, you're alone in the car, take off the mask :)))

  80. mike miller

    mike miller

    9 天 前

    I will probably buy the camera.

  81. The Butler's

    The Butler's

    9 天 前

    "I don't want to do anything crazy" *Downshifts to first gear at 30 mph

    • Eric Braun

      Eric Braun

      5 天 前

      When 1st gear hits 60, that's fine.

  82. The Butler's

    The Butler's

    9 天 前

    Great nod to Doug Demuro!

  83. Been There

    Been There

    9 天 前

    drone is ugly

  84. Zarg


    9 天 前

    thats really not that fast for a drone there are many that can hit 160mph and it takes good parts from both "types" of drones and does a shit job of combining them making it into a terrible drone overall it costs like 1.5k yet a £150 bnf drone can run circles around it, its a joke tbh

  85. WayNorth Drones

    WayNorth Drones

    9 天 前

    Thanks for the info and your thought about the drone. Cool looking car too! Thank you for sharing

  86. Jenny Perez

    Jenny Perez

    9 天 前

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  87. Megumi Hayashida

    Megumi Hayashida

    9 天 前

    This feels very 2021 and by that I totally mean FUTURISTIC!

  88. Jonathan Höppner

    Jonathan Höppner

    9 天 前

    *PLEASE CHANGE THAT TITLE* it's not even clickbaity - it's a *LIE.* There are plenty of faster (cheaper->not high-end) fpv drones.

  89. Rahul Dalkari

    Rahul Dalkari

    9 天 前

    Marques : So I've been filming GTA 6 trailer for about a week now

  90. Arthur H

    Arthur H

    9 天 前

    its not the fastest drone

  91. Arjun Yadav

    Arjun Yadav

    9 天 前

    7 left, Richard Hammond crafted one in the grand tour

  92. Softy


    9 天 前

    well its not the rimac concept 2

  93. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez

    9 天 前

    The abnormal lunge laparoscopically correct because dime affectively fit lest a obese hourglass. decorous, plucky parent

  94. Siddharth Ganguly

    Siddharth Ganguly

    9 天 前

    Yeah you should drive slow...or else you will end up in the valley like someone in top gear...no offence Hammond 😂😂

  95. Michael Cowin

    Michael Cowin

    9 天 前

    The Rimac's that small I thought he was going to pick it up when he leaned down to open the door.

  96. Avocado


    9 天 前

    Doug Score 🤣🤣 Doug will like it :)

  97. Bean Time

    Bean Time

    9 天 前

    Hey, I liked your channel but this really upset me. PLEASE fact-check the title... this IS NOT the fastest drone!!! People have been building FPV drones (FPV is not a word made up by DJI, its a 'subset' of the drone hobby that builds their own drones.)for YEARS!! I have built MULTIPLE drones capable of 120+mph, and that is not a flex, the record is 187 mph... I'm sorry that this is formatted more as a hate comment than an actual suggestion, but how would you feel if you built something with 12 terabytes of storage (bear with me), and then someone who knows nothing about storage gets 2.1M views saying that no, some billion dollar company actually has the most storage with 9 terabytes. Maybe I'm just being selfish, but I hate that so many peoples hard work is being completely ignored because DJI paid you money.

  98. Josh Owens

    Josh Owens

    10 天 前

    Virtue signal with the mask much? Your outside and in a car by yourself. SMH

  99. Aaron J. Spencer

    Aaron J. Spencer

    10 天 前

    Grand Tour, not top gear

  100. RacistPixel


    10 天 前

    Would disagree about fastest drone, there is drone that go 200kmh+.... Actually in fpv drones world dji is considered as lower mid-range in terms of speed and most fragile too...