Why Vettel's Aston Martin F1 debut was so bad

Sebastian Vettel's first F1 weekend as an Aston Martin driver couldn't have gone much worse. He was eliminated in Q1, had a silly incident in the race, and picked up penalties for infringements on Saturday and Sunday. To make matters worse, he's struggling to get up to speed with the team's AMR21, which has taken a step back from its race-winning predecessor over. the winter. There's plenty of time to recover, but Vettel would have been hoping to start from a slightly higher base
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  1. cobar53


    5 小时 前

    Vettel has passed his best. It will be all downhil from now. Karma for what a shit he was to Webber

  2. RagingUtai


    天 前

    I want to see vettel in mercedes. He would definitely win a title with that car inder their management

  3. MrBriefly _-

    MrBriefly _-

    天 前

    We can only hope...

  4. Hans Hartfiel

    Hans Hartfiel

    2 天 前

    He moved from a second rate team to a third rate outfit instead of retiring

  5. MR. AMAzingman

    MR. AMAzingman

    2 天 前

    I do not care. I will always support him, no matter what will happen he is my favorite driver.

  6. Victoria Williams H

    Victoria Williams H

    3 天 前

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  7. Danny Ooi

    Danny Ooi

    3 天 前

    Seb's role in Aston is to give Perez an opportunity to a championship winning car.

  8. valocear


    3 天 前

    The four time champion has gone a long time ago, at least 3 years ago.

  9. Nionity


    3 天 前

    I hope the best for Sebastian, He needs to get comfortable and run in the front again!, but that takes time and Aston is the best place for that!

  10. Jason Ebanks

    Jason Ebanks

    4 天 前

    Albon should drive for Sir Aston.. seriously

  11. PetrolHead88 UK

    PetrolHead88 UK

    4 天 前

    I dont think the 5 points on his licence total that he got were fair at all. These are the same stewards that let Hamilton run wide in a turn and go off track more than 25 times but when Verstappen does it once its "a lasting advantage". No consistency, it seems to be the rules are made to suit what ever is going on at the time.

  12. One Bridge

    One Bridge

    4 天 前

    So he prefers a front wheel drive! 🤪

  13. Gonn Givdgn

    Gonn Givdgn

    4 天 前

    Used to be a glamorous sport, the cars look awful, no excitement any more

  14. David Lynch

    David Lynch

    4 天 前

    He was an amazing driver, but time to hang it up. Often the end for these racers is a decline in them and their car.

  15. Nick Hughes

    Nick Hughes

    4 天 前

    Vettel, the guy who can’t deal with getting crappier with age, so he makes all the excuses he can. Dude will never be a contender again and can’t accept it.

  16. Nicolás Rodríguez

    Nicolás Rodríguez

    4 天 前

    Sorry for Vettel but I hope the Strolls really really mess it up, you can't buy talent

  17. David F

    David F

    5 天 前

    Man, F1 cars have gotten so ugly; the A-M looks like a Russian Submarine in profile. Horrible

  18. nicgabper


    5 天 前

    because vettel

  19. Aamir 1

    Aamir 1

    5 天 前

    What happened to Vettel in testing?

  20. Nick H

    Nick H

    5 天 前

    I almost feel pity....

  21. R R

    R R

    6 天 前

    Vettel has been in decline for years. Why are people still surprised.

  22. Damien Galvan

    Damien Galvan

    6 天 前

    This is what happens when you beef with the team that has the heaviest connections to the FIA. I expect to see more penalties affecting Sebastian. R.I.p.

  23. MrJr


    6 天 前

    Seb's issues mainly stem from his own confidence issues. Even if it WAS the car, Stroll finished far ahead of Vettel. I just think he's washed up at this point

  24. Nunzio Tosto

    Nunzio Tosto

    6 天 前

    why vettel is bad!!!

  25. Erik Carrillo

    Erik Carrillo

    7 天 前

    If you just came into F1 like I did it's hard to believe Vettel was at one point a multiple time world champ.

  26. jef bozies

    jef bozies

    7 天 前

    To those who are saying he is a mediocre driver, you are forgetting his performance on Turkish GP 2020

  27. Altaaf Ismail

    Altaaf Ismail

    7 天 前

    Really sad about this

  28. Phil Hill

    Phil Hill

    7 天 前

    Should of retired, failed at Ferrari so never gonna be a world champion driving for a midfield team . Or could it be milking around the gp circuits for a load more millions .

  29. U CR

    U CR

    7 天 前

    oh common! It was the first race in a new team. You are all really big drama queens. xD

  30. The Real Fauxstradamus

    The Real Fauxstradamus

    8 天 前

    I have absolute faith in this dude. Also, killer video! Love from Chicago, blood. Keep up the excellence!

  31. Blaine Mendoza

    Blaine Mendoza

    8 天 前

    Vettel is done. He is a shell of his former self. I don't know why media pundits like The Race and so on keeps saying Vettel has something left.

  32. Inman Darris

    Inman Darris

    8 天 前

    Vettel: Lol..."It wasn't me." been saying this for the last 4 years!

  33. chris clermont

    chris clermont

    8 天 前

    Vettel looks completely out of sorts. He needs to put a page out of the Nigel Mansell book and make the team give him what he needs versus being a nice guy in Formula 1. I hope Ferrari hasn't ruined him like Jean Alesi, Ivan Capelli, Kimi, Alonso, and so many others. If he needs to modify his driving style to extract more out of the car, he needs to do it...NOW!!!

  34. Ashutosh Kumar pandey

    Ashutosh Kumar pandey

    8 天 前

    Vettel forever.

  35. Cesar Toledo

    Cesar Toledo

    8 天 前

    I am for the move he made... It is terrible the way his last ride treated this legendary driver. He is a bad ass, God bless him, and I have a feeling it will get better for him... There is only ONE Sebi👏🍾👍

  36. paul hayton

    paul hayton

    8 天 前

    After signing Hulkenberg he is on his way out!

  37. John Dennis

    John Dennis

    8 天 前

    I thought it was hilarious. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke and team.

  38. Peter Stubbs

    Peter Stubbs

    9 天 前

    Vettel has always been mediocre plus a bit. It was the car that won him his F1 titles NOT his driving skill. Alonso and Hamilton are streets ahead of him especially nowadays. Vettel`s mindset is about as hard as a soft boiled egg. As pressure mounts, he will make more and more mistakes as he tries less and less attractive moves on track. He should have retired 2 yrs ago.

  39. Haydn Whitmore

    Haydn Whitmore

    9 天 前

    No excuses hold up for this sort of performance from a four times world champion unfortunately. Desperately want to him to show the old Seb though.

  40. zac coker

    zac coker

    9 天 前

    “A good tradesman doesn’t blame his tools”

  41. Cahyono Teguh

    Cahyono Teguh

    9 天 前

    It's like he's lost all confidence in himself.

  42. DAGATHire


    10 天 前

    Predicted this way back when the race and the comments were talking up his move. Which was all nonsense. The bottom line is Vettle is and always has been incapable of fighting in traffic. He's damn quick in free air in a good car. That's it! soon as you put other cars around him, his entire career. He's been shite. He makes shit mistakes, he makes rookie moves, he panics and he fucks up. End of story.

  43. Pompey Fitness James

    Pompey Fitness James

    10 天 前

    I hope he does shit

  44. Robert Milette

    Robert Milette

    10 天 前

    Can't say I supported the decision to hire Vettel over Perez. Perez got as much out of the car as possible and deserved an extended contract instead of the way he was treated.

  45. Louel


    10 天 前

    He should have retired last year

  46. Ali Razvi

    Ali Razvi

    10 天 前

    Picked up where he left off from Ferrari

  47. 1chish


    10 天 前

    With Vettel its always someone else's fault, or the car's fault or the man in the moon's fault. His arrogance can never ever accept he is a flawed driver and always has been unless he is out front with a car advantage. Except now he is also a 'has been'. He was a twat at Red Bull who ignored team orders, treated team mates like shit and Horner gave into him every time. Its also the case that F1 cut him huge slack as well. His inability to actually race was found out at Ferrari and now he will be found out at AM. Someone will regret ever getting him into AM.

  48. drGonzo


    10 天 前

    He's got this liar image he needs to fix on top of the 'misfortunes'

  49. edward rhodes

    edward rhodes

    10 天 前

    A waste of a seat giving it to Vettel.

  50. Drop Dead Kev

    Drop Dead Kev

    10 天 前

    Surly he can just adjust his driving style that's what all the other great drivers have done with diva cars I think he has lost the plot

  51. relay35


    10 天 前

    It's amazing how people just write off a 4 time world Champion so easily. He had two amazing cars back in 2011 and 2013, but doesn't people remember how tight was in 2010 and 2012? He wasn't even leading the championship until the last race when it ment in 2010 and back in 2012 he had to come back from a big difference of points after the summer break, even finishing 3rd when starting from pit lane in Abu Dhabi or finishing in the right position after being spunned in the last race of the season with all the preasure to be WC. Also people seem to forget that he is the third driver with most victories in the Scuderia while battling with the most dominant team in F1 history. 2015 was an amazing year for him and also 2017 when the car was no where near the Mercedes (engine was way less powerful) and still putting great performances and even finishing second in the championship. People say he also made mistakes those season, but in fact, he was penalized by reliability issues in Japan and Malaysia. Singapore is also attributed to him as a mistake, but the truth is that the first contact was done with Kimi, who by the way, had the full picture of what was happening. 2018, yeah, we might agree he did big mistakes and probably lost the championship, but who remember all mistakes Alonso did in 2010 that also made him lose the championship? China, Monaco, GB, Spa are just some of them, yet nobody remembers. 2019 him and Leclerc were quite tight, and reliability issues at the end in Russia and USA made him lost the position against him who in Seb's words "Is the most talented driver he came across", maybe he will be a future multiple world champion who knows. And 2020 was just full of bullshit in the team, he was let alone, you can just have a look how toxic the environment was with Binotto's words or DTS episode. And for this year, it is the first race, he was the driver with less laps in testing and he is coming to a completly different car philosophy, it's to soon to judge, and people might be correct. We all know Seb is a one of a kind. He might not be the driver with most raw speed, or with the best battling capabilities, but he is by far one of the best reading the races, building strategies and when he has a car that suits his driving style (which by the way is also quite special) he can be unbeatble. I have been reading things like he is the worst multiple world champion in history, a guy who has multiple records, the one with most consecutive wins, the 3rd driver with most wins in F1 history and the 3rd with most win for Ferrari. I don't know why, but think he butthurted so many people back in the days that they just want him to be written off, but, sorry for them, he will forever be one of the legends in F1.

    • Hrithik Raj

      Hrithik Raj

      9 天 前

      100 💯

  52. Felix Hinze

    Felix Hinze

    11 天 前

    I would be careful, making excuses for a 4 time World Champion... Yes, he did not have much luck on his side lately, but if your head is clearly not where it should be and then refusing to acknowledge that a shrink might have helped and insisting you can do it yourself... I don't know. I mean, I do like Vettel, but I also believe that most of the 'mess' he finds himself in, is of his own doing and down to his own decisions and perhaps also his reluctance to accept that even he is human and could benefit from a shrink every now and then.

  53. Endureromex E

    Endureromex E

    11 天 前

    Probably Pérez is using the same excuses.

  54. Chua Jantzen

    Chua Jantzen

    11 天 前

    Older drivers lose their edge because they fear making mistakes, they fear tarnishing their reputation and legacy. Vettel back at Red Bull had a lot to prove. Vettel right now is simply trying to protect and justify his legacy. Same with Fernando, Kimi and Schumacher in his late years. As the popular saying goes, a person who does not love leaves no hostage to fortune.

  55. Alone1am


    11 天 前

    To simplify the video FIA has made it a point that no matter even ig you give a rocket ship vettel doesnt win the championship coz merc has given them good amount of bribery

  56. Ivander85


    11 天 前

    Vettel is not a driver that makes a car much better, he needs a very good car to compete for the top. Wishing him the best but to me he's not nearly as good as those 4 titles may imply.

  57. Alec Hinshaw

    Alec Hinshaw

    11 天 前

    If he doesn’t do better later this season, then let’s hope in vain that the 2022 regs will be his saving grace. If the 22 regs help, then he’s set for life. If the 22 regs cause him to do just as poorly, then this will probably be when I’m going to stop having so much faith in Seb. I’d really hate if that happens because when I decided to really start watching actual races in 2018, instead of just liking the cars alone my entire life, I Seb has always been my favorite.

  58. Hanne Catton

    Hanne Catton

    11 天 前

    He´s well , well past his best . Mistake in signing him to Aston.

  59. Nico Montinola

    Nico Montinola

    11 天 前

    It's like he's a broken man. Ferrari broke him. He's finished. A shell of the champion he was when he left Red Bull. Give him 3 races. If he doesn't shape up, show him the door. F1 is F1. This is not charity.

  60. Robert Rackstraw

    Robert Rackstraw

    11 天 前

    If Stroll beats him this season his career is over. Whatever it was that he had now seems long gone. Sad but true.

  61. Anthony Stafford

    Anthony Stafford

    11 天 前

    Vettel has previous for driving into other people

  62. Adraotube


    12 天 前

    Easy, becasue he is not so good. The worst multiple champion of the history.

  63. stoopidloopid


    12 天 前

    Perhaps his hair was in his eyes...

  64. Alex


    12 天 前

    We've seen this before Vettel cannot adapt his driving style to suit different cars, so while he was unstoppable in the blown diffuser era he has been unable to get the best out of cars that aren't built for him

  65. David Fewtrell

    David Fewtrell

    12 天 前

    And to think they got rid of Perez for this. He's lost whatever it was he had and constantly blames everything around him.

  66. Michael Higgins

    Michael Higgins

    12 天 前

    He seems angry and frustrated and consistently making poor decisions because of it. And blaming the other driver for a crash he caused isn't helping either. He needs to get to a happy place or retire because it's painful to watch.

  67. BC


    12 天 前

    Hulkenberg would have been a much better choice.

  68. Brian Lucey

    Brian Lucey

    12 天 前

    Sadly I think he's lost it, a few years ago, around the crash at Milan festival. He's not making sense, not driving fast, not interested.

  69. Roger Froud

    Roger Froud

    12 天 前

    Vettel is as good as anyone when the car is almost perfect. However, he seems to lack the raw ability and calm attitude required when the car isn't that way. Way too many unforced errors I'm afraid.

  70. Craig Davies

    Craig Davies

    12 天 前

    Vettel is well past his prime, needs to retire ASAP. Stroll has got better but still a mid field F1 driver at best. Aston Martin will regret letting Perez go.

  71. Road Hog

    Road Hog

    12 天 前

    The rake has fucked many teams ,why didn't the other teams just put there rakes on top,just more bullshit to change the teams at the top,other teams should've already changed there cars to run like Mercedes, no they had to wait until the FIA fucked more than one team.

  72. ac0rpbg


    12 天 前

    Uhh another season and we are again here trying to justify Vettel place in F1. He has lost it all guys. He has not been at it for too many years.

  73. damag3plan


    12 天 前

    I just want more than a 2 horse race

  74. Eyal Green

    Eyal Green

    12 天 前

    This comment section is pathetic, all just Vettel fanboys in denial. I could only IMAGINE what you people would be saying if Lewis was the one who hit Ocon and blamed it on him, holy shit.

    • Rafi Haifan

      Rafi Haifan

      2 天 前

      i agree mate. i'm also a vettel fan but i would never blind myself from reality. makes me sick how hypocrite the fanboys are, making up every excuse to defend him because he's a more likeable person

  75. Ragnar luthbrook

    Ragnar luthbrook

    12 天 前

    No matter what even if he did finished-20 Vettel is Vettel and i love him and he will always be a bull inside

  76. Silva


    12 天 前

    Sorry but Aston Martin shot themselves in the foot copying mercs car. Clearly if merc is struggling like this I can only imagine how Aston Martin is doing copying the homework without doing the research.

  77. Frank R

    Frank R

    12 天 前

    He's a world champion and was hired to bring his experience to AM. But if he wants to win again, he can't wait for MS to fix the car 100% to his liking. He also needs to adapt to the car. So it goes both ways. No pain... no gain.. for all who play a role here....

  78. Flooid


    12 天 前

    Vettel sucks..he’s gonna suck the rest of the season too. Stand by

  79. T J

    T J

    12 天 前

    Get him out of there. He has a bad attitude.

  80. Alex Hill

    Alex Hill

    13 天 前

    The graph showing positioning during the race, is that an app or custom made? Around the 3:30 area

  81. Ashley Slingers

    Ashley Slingers

    13 天 前

    When will people address that his attitude stinks?

  82. Tejas Khandekar

    Tejas Khandekar

    13 天 前

    I'll be happy with 2 podiums and points in at least 10 races

  83. Henrik Paulsen

    Henrik Paulsen

    13 天 前

    The clash with Ocon was typical Vettel; always blaming everyone but himself. I wonder if Vettel and Alonso was formed from the same batch of raw material.....

  84. JL Wyborg

    JL Wyborg

    13 天 前

    Seb is still one of the best F-1drivers. The day he finally gets his mental performance back to where it was before he ever signed The Ferrari deal, he will become a winner again. Ferrari team eats your mental capacity to do anything, if you're not able to win. We've seen that happen to many drivers before Vettel, with at least one exception... Kimi Raikkonen, Who is mentally one of the strongest, if not the strongest, F-1 driver. Not even Ferrari was able to brake his mind, but then again, he's a Finn! Now Seb just needs to clear his mind and strengthen his mind again and start to do what his passion really is : Racing!

  85. Stephen Jones

    Stephen Jones

    13 天 前

    Reminds me of Andrea de Cesaris

  86. Varun Ranade

    Varun Ranade

    13 天 前

    Sebastian Vettel is a great guy but frankly I never think of him as a great driver. He won 4 world championships because he had the fastest car and his team favored him over the second drivers. The championships he won was because of the genius of Adrian Newey. Fernando Alonso gave him a title fight even with a much slower car in his 4 years of glory. Daniel Riciardo and Charles Leclerc both came and beat him in their very first years even when they were being treated as number 2 drivers and not given the best favorable strategies. He was in the right place at the right time and hence won 4 championships mostly because of chance or luck and less because of his driving talents.

  87. Πανος Christak

    Πανος Christak

    13 天 前

    Because vettel is overrated



    13 天 前

    It’s the Helmet lol

  89. nitesh acharya

    nitesh acharya

    13 天 前

    He is wasting a seat on the grid!

  90. Jason Jansen

    Jason Jansen

    13 天 前

    Reading the comments I'm surprised at the excuses still being made for Vettel. We all love him but c'mon you gotta face the truth, he's been awful the last few years. I would love a comeback for him but I just can't see it happening.

    • Rafi Haifan

      Rafi Haifan

      2 天 前

      exactly. i'm also a fan but i wouldn't blind myself from reality. pathetic how they blame everyone except seb himself for his downfall

  91. Daniel Finke

    Daniel Finke

    13 天 前

    Because Vettel is bad. He’s poor at understanding and communicating setup. With RB, Newey had the experience to understand from the data how to build and set up a car that best fit Vettel, he didn’t have to rely on Vettel’s ability to communicate. BTW, the video is wrong in saying Vettel performs well in a car that has a front that works. The RB had the most stable REAR, and that made him comfortable. He prefers a car with a slight push and does not like a car that’s loose.

  92. Nue View

    Nue View

    13 天 前

    Laughable as to what is the TRUE identity of this car...is it an Aston Martin, is it an Infiniti, it is a Mercedes Benz? Like hundreds of millions of people suffering from dysphoria, I believe the 2021 car is suffering from an identity crises.

  93. Donald Connell

    Donald Connell

    13 天 前

    Unfortunately, he is denying a younger faster driver a seat, and he is getting very unsafe. Time to go.

  94. Vanditfreak1


    13 天 前

    There is one thing I was gonna fear. The car only could get worse than 2020. They did a perfect copy of the Mercedes and I think they never really understood the car at all (why it was as fast as it was). They only were so strong because it was the Mercedes of 2019. So now they had to develop a car which they don't understand and this with the new regulations. For me it was nearly clear that this won't work and now they have to pay. I hoped so much for seb that this wouldn't happen but now we can see it did. The car is shit. Maybe I'm wrong but I think the car is miles away from the podium or anywhere near. This and Sebs frustration is the problem.

  95. Rattus Norvegicus

    Rattus Norvegicus

    13 天 前

    MS started doing people up the rear , just as SV has done on more than one occasion, when he lost depth perception. SV looks like a weary 45yo, his eyes have looked tired for a fair few years now. He complained about the halo downtube affecting his vision, I believe he has never adapted to it as others have. Yes there are many problems with the car, it looked terribly unstable, just from the short clip in the vid. Sure he`ll get further up the grid as it improves, but don`t expect him to be challenging the top four to six drivers, unless he pulls a rabbit out of his cap during a wet race.

  96. Benedict Roberts

    Benedict Roberts

    13 天 前

    Could be worse, could be Mazepin

  97. Macho Fantastico

    Macho Fantastico

    13 天 前

    I'm sorry but Racing Point/Aston Martin were insane to replace Perez with Vettel, you can't blame Ferrari for all Vettel's problems over the past year or so. It was a downgrade in every sense and probably cost the team more than it would in keeping Perez. The move never really made a whole lot of sense to me.

    • bean


      13 天 前

      Perez is starting well at Red Bull though, but knowing them, might not end so well...

  98. Andrew Katai

    Andrew Katai

    13 天 前

    More excuses as usual he is hopeless

  99. Nick Webb

    Nick Webb

    13 天 前

    It’s getting beyond a joke with all these rules and steward’s heavy handedness. But sad to say it still looks as though Seb has list his mojo. Let’s hope he finds it earlier than later in this season.

  100. Jeff Cirelli

    Jeff Cirelli

    13 天 前

    Im confident we'll see Vettel fighting where he should be. Always been a fan of the guy, and id love to see him batting Max and Lewis at the front. Time will tell.