[Joyce Is Moist: for HKG] Surprise Surgery?!? 要開刀?!? (粵/En Subs)

[Joyce Is Moist: for HKG] Surprise Surgery?!? 要開刀?!? (粵/En Subs)
P.S. 片內有畫面可能會帶來不安
P.S. Warning graphic content
I had a surprise surgery. Scary. Hope y’all are doing well. (Cantonese and English)
Edited by Katrina Lee

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    This is so motivating 🥺 hope you are doing very well (très bien)!!!

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    you r so positive n energetic!!!

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    Joyce加油💪大家都支持您呀😘God bless you always🙏

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    God bless you always🙏

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    very touching conclusions

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    Feel better

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    Joyce, hope this doesn't offend you, it's better for you to stop reading Harry Potter cuz it's related to witchcraft and it would keep God's presence and protection away from you as a Christian.

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    7 天 前

    原來急成咁!Staycation!控制放屁!幽默!祝早日痊癒! 小心啦! 睇住你大!欣宜BB 咁好胃口咁好!叫村長哥哥送外賣啦!

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    We called that JP, Jackson Pratt.

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    It’s great to hear from you! You always drive us in a positive way! Add oil Joyce💪🏻💪🏻❤️

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    Get well soon Idol.Praying for your speed recovery.God bless you always

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    你出入要注意衛生 多多保重食番啲有益嘅嘢😄

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    好想叫你mute個drip pump

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    takecare joyceee

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    Get well soon! 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    Yayyyyy Joycie! So glad to see you’re feeling better babe!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️

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    Get well soon, Joyce. You’re so cute! ❤️ Hope to see the next video soon! 🥺

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    Good girl, happy girl! Great you treasure your health and.have worked hard for it. You have strong sense of your self-worth and I don't think anything bad will knock you down. Hope you'll always stay what you are.

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    Bareface goals 😍

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    Take care

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    I was feeling stressed out n depressed today but found your video. I feel much btr after watching your cheerful video. Thank you. Take care Joyce!

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    Get well soon 欣宜❤️❤️❤️

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    Stay safe, take a good care💪💪💪✌️✌️✌️

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    Take care, get well soon more rest, u r so hard girl, I love u and $10 so much. Cheer !!!

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    So glad you’re better and keep smiling. Take care yourself!

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    Love your super positive attitude!!!! Speedy recovery

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    I did like, subscribe, n share... I did surgery almost same time as u... What a coincidence ! Right, we hv to keep healthy as priority... Add oil...!😘

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    要好好休養身體,暫時唔好太操勞住啦 祝你早日康復💪🏼

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    Joyce:Take care and get well soon.😘

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    竟然做完手術幾日就cheat day 🤣🤣🤣

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    Just subscribed ! Smooth recovery ~

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    I had my acute appendicitis when i was in Beijing many years ago and I wont forget the whole experience from the pain, vomiting and then flying back to HK immediately, then luckily had surgery on time or else doctor said it almost explode and I could die. So I really hope you recover well and stay healthy.

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    Take care 💪🏼

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    take care

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    Take Care and take time to recover before even thing about work!! Health is top priority!!!

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    Get well soon! Your vlog is very inspired

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    Take care gal!

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    take care🙏

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    Get well soon , we all need a good health, so we can play hard work hard ^_^

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    Joyce 你好叻女呀❤️❤️

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    Take good care Joyce🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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    Thank you for sharing your experience ~ get well soon ❤️

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    Joyce 很樂觀,又夠正能量😄😄😄👍🏼take care💪💪💪

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    欣宜保重~🙏💗 祝快快康復, 唱多d好歌~ 🎶🎵🎶📣

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    欣宜叻女 只要愛自己就會好多支持和愛你的人支持你😘😘

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    祝你身體健康 好好照顧自己

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    Is a v common thing..I had mine remove in 2017...I stay home for 3 weeks...succes operation lucky me n u too from singapore lov u...

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    Take care, Joyce ! LOVE from Singapore !!!

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    現在睇順了你, 當初說話太作狀, 手舞足蹈又誇張!現在改善了很多, 希望更進步!都喜欢你! By the way 秋官有冇探你? 可否告訴他跟Liza 姐在無綫做番合唱音乐節就好了!

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    保重呀我的~女神…L U

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    Please take care of yourself!❤️😘

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    Hope you are alright now❤️ love the singing in the shower 🚿🥰😌♥️

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