Blue whale devoured alive by 75 orcas off coast of Australia

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A 16-metre long blue whale was devoured alive by 75 hungry orcas off the west coast of Australia. The three-hour wildlife battle was captured on March 16, 2021, when 40 people went on a whale-watching tour.

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  1. lava esemai

    lava esemai

    22 分钟 前

    I wonder if the same happen if it was Megaladon. 🤫

  2. Ruben Diaz

    Ruben Diaz

    33 分钟 前

    Orcas are dolphins.

  3. Kayo Pierre Holland

    Kayo Pierre Holland

    9 小时 前

    It only goes to show how bluntly relentless orca’s can be to take out the largest animal that has ever lived on the planet.

  4. Mantecka Yay

    Mantecka Yay

    天 前

    Why didn’t it go deep

  5. Jmichael Isbell

    Jmichael Isbell

    天 前

    I believe the cause of death is drowning, I think they pile on and hold it under water until it drowns. But I don't know for sure, maybe they are biting too as they go.

  6. Todd LiPira

    Todd LiPira

    天 前

    Nature stinks!

  7. Damion Ellis

    Damion Ellis

    2 天 前

    Did a drive by on homie

  8. ctdope


    2 天 前

    I cant believe they said the Orcas "bullied" the Blue whale. Rediculous. Its NATURE. I guess Orcas will get "cancelled" now.

  9. Ike C.

    Ike C.

    2 天 前

    That blue whale a legend

  10. 3four 4door

    3four 4door

    2 天 前

    It's not rare it was originally whale killer but the name didn't roll off the tongue as well, so people started calling it killer whale.

  11. Charlotte Rogers

    Charlotte Rogers

    2 天 前

    This is just sad but this is apart of the food cycle :( but I can’t believe it was 75 orcas

  12. Miglydon


    2 天 前

    its all just a part of his initiation into the gang.

  13. jwill2k22


    2 天 前

    *disclaimers* the title is off by a galaxy that’s a FIN WHALE not a blue whale

  14. Koroz


    3 天 前

    What are the birds doing there?

    • Valkorion the Dragon of Zakuul

      Valkorion the Dragon of Zakuul

      3 天 前

      Waiting for scraps

  15. Amante das Puta

    Amante das Puta

    3 天 前

    Chegou nesse nível, não vai ter nada que pare elas.

  16. Ray Lopez

    Ray Lopez

    3 天 前

    Imagine 75 orcas biting your tongue while you're still alive...ouch! Fun fact: some orcas only hunt salmon while others hunt whales, different sub-species. "As seen on TV".

  17. alana froh

    alana froh

    3 天 前

    oh no... blue whales are endangered species (because of humans -_-)

  18. KK DeVeauXgue

    KK DeVeauXgue

    4 天 前

    75 that's a

  19. Philip Tubalado

    Philip Tubalado

    4 天 前

    Seems like the birds already knew what would gonna happen they're about to feast Soo sad for the Blue whale that feeling when you are harassed for couple of hours befor your execution 😞😭

  20. Wade Kaiser

    Wade Kaiser

    4 天 前

    Lol bullied😂😂😂

  21. Beachgal


    4 天 前

    Hate to see this. Not many glorious giant blue whales left.

    • Valkorion the Dragon of Zakuul

      Valkorion the Dragon of Zakuul

      4 天 前

      Gee, who do we gave to thank for that

  22. Matthew Donovan

    Matthew Donovan

    4 天 前

    *Doom music intensifies*

  23. NottsLad


    4 天 前

    Its funny that no one seems to get upset when a whale gulps down a tonne of pilchards in one mouth full

  24. jo mama

    jo mama

    4 天 前

    How sad

  25. Pleroma


    5 天 前

    Its like one man playing football against the entire tampa bay bucs defense

  26. Robbie Martin

    Robbie Martin

    5 天 前

    16 metres only a baby blue whale...😢 sad

  27. Blue Marvel

    Blue Marvel

    5 天 前

    Whales please travel in packs!

  28. Gary Walton

    Gary Walton

    5 天 前

    75 Democrats should have jumped in and saved that whale.

  29. C S

    C S

    5 天 前

    This song is on loop at Guantanamo Bay, they don't even need water boarding to get information anymore they just trade short pauses of this background music

    • Peter Cieply

      Peter Cieply

      5 天 前


  30. Bad Santa

    Bad Santa

    5 天 前

    nom nom nom nom nom

  31. J Butcher

    J Butcher

    5 天 前

    Never run when theres no where to go bring the heat

  32. Kulas Nikov

    Kulas Nikov

    5 天 前

    Great Whites have left the scene...coming back for some carcass. Megalodon: “puzzies!!”

  33. Kulas Nikov

    Kulas Nikov

    5 天 前

    75 orcas? I see 5 panda dolphins, LOL

  34. Chris Kavanagh

    Chris Kavanagh

    5 天 前

    That doc called "Killer's In Eden (Australia)" is amazing. Killer Whales working with human whalers to take down Whales. Whenever a Whale was near Eden, a Killer Whale would swim into the harbor and start breaching and splashing to get the people's attention. The people (Whalers) knew this meant there was a Whale in the vicinity, and they would actually follow the Killer Whale out to the Whale where the rest of the Orca's were hunting it. . .Amazing story.

  35. Sir Miles

    Sir Miles

    5 天 前

    I can assure you that this has been going on for centuries, they dont wait for facebook or CNround documentation

  36. All_Too_Well


    6 天 前

    I will never understand why some people think orcas are cute. They are the biggest and smartest predator on planet earth, and that should make them terrifying.

  37. Routine Music Group

    Routine Music Group

    6 天 前


  38. Just a Travelling Commentator

    Just a Travelling Commentator

    6 天 前

    People : Wow, poor whale Me : How did they count 75 whales in the middle of a sea???

  39. dynastoned


    6 天 前

    i'm not sure anything in our ocean can fend off 75 hungry orcas for very long. in fact i've never even heard of 75 orcas hunting together that's insane. i'm glad to see there is still a decent population of them out there to have a pod that big. amazing creatures and that's a badass blue whale to have held off those orcas for 3 hours!

    • jwill2k22


      2 天 前

      a REAL blue whale can who ever posted this should have got the animal right that’s a fin whale

  40. Noel Cepeda

    Noel Cepeda

    6 天 前

    Must be a terrifying death

  41. berniedmj1


    6 天 前

    Couldn’t the blue whale dive deeper than the orcas & hold its breath longer to avoid them?

  42. M M

    M M

    6 天 前

    The Orcas population should be reduced to near extinction in order to save the remaining Bluewhales species out there. 😏

    • Valkorion the Dragon of Zakuul

      Valkorion the Dragon of Zakuul

      6 天 前

      Because you want to hunt the blue whales to extinction first

  43. Shark Botz

    Shark Botz

    6 天 前

    It is actually cool to see 75 whales attack 1 blue whale

  44. Tristen James

    Tristen James

    6 天 前

    curious that the blue whale didn't just dive deep where the orcas couldn't must have been injured to start.

  45. Jeffrey Devine

    Jeffrey Devine

    6 天 前


    • jwill2k22


      2 天 前


  46. Bill Mueller

    Bill Mueller

    6 天 前

    I don't see no blood

  47. Eric Kort

    Eric Kort

    6 天 前

    orcas..a pack of wolves in other words

  48. RicOshayed1


    6 天 前

    This type of thing would bring out my high-powered rifle with the Orca scope on it.....

  49. Neil Johnson

    Neil Johnson

    6 天 前

    Surely a blue whale could dive much deeper than an orca? I'm guessing it was too close to shore to be able to outrun then dive deep? Just goes to show you that everything in nature is prone to be killed no matter how big you are. 75 orcas is a bit of an unfair fight but nature never was a fair and liberal force.

  50. Y E S

    Y E S

    6 天 前

    entire gangster killed a nerd lol

  51. alienfleet


    6 天 前

    Humpback vs orca

  52. Nathan W

    Nathan W

    6 天 前

    Whale should have dived deep

  53. Nathan W

    Nathan W

    6 天 前


  54. michael frechette

    michael frechette

    6 天 前

    KILLER whales, do you get it now?

  55. Tyler Kahla

    Tyler Kahla

    7 天 前

    Orca is asshoe

  56. Trent Reimer

    Trent Reimer

    7 天 前

    An entire whale carcass and two seagulls fighting for it...

  57. vinny 998

    vinny 998

    7 天 前


  58. Pett Pette

    Pett Pette

    7 天 前

    where is that almighty blood?

  59. Neil Bradley

    Neil Bradley

    7 天 前

    2nd worst animal on the planet I'm tired of these orcas thinking they own the sea ! Who's with meeee

    • Valkorion the Dragon of Zakuul

      Valkorion the Dragon of Zakuul

      7 天 前

      They just live in it. It's survival

  60. scott mills

    scott mills

    7 天 前

    Maybe it’s not normal, just over fishing

  61. Massai E Mengele

    Massai E Mengele

    7 天 前


  62. Mike Diamond

    Mike Diamond

    7 天 前

    I could watch this all day...

  63. Rich Lunney

    Rich Lunney

    7 天 前

    Why didn't the Blue Whale go so deep the orca's couldn't follow?

  64. walter tobin

    walter tobin

    7 天 前

    No visible blood in the water.

  65. DozerMoto


    7 天 前

    a tough case of a newly separated sub adult blue that was possibly in distress and didn't know or couldn't dive to a depth to protect itself

  66. JC JC

    JC JC

    7 天 前

    Imagine what the Orcas would do to a Megalledon

  67. A K

    A K

    7 天 前

    Bullied? You mean natural things happened in nature!

  68. David Reoyo

    David Reoyo

    7 天 前

    What’s sad is this is not their usual species of prey, but when the amount of fishes and prey dwindles because of human fishing, what do you expect? Animals must survive. 75 orcas in one place means they are most likely starving. This is a huge sign that the oceans are in danger of ecological collapse. Imagine when the oceans were full of life... 💀

  69. Paladin


    7 天 前

    2/3s of the the planet is ocean so I’m not sure how this can be declared as a rare event. Capturing it on camera may be rare but that doesn’t make the event type rare.

  70. Cloudy011


    7 天 前

    I bet China train these orcas to do that don't trust anything on CNround anymore becoming a washout

  71. Gabriel Belmont

    Gabriel Belmont

    7 天 前

    We have to go hunt some killer whales they do a lot damage

  72. Barks & Meows

    Barks & Meows

    7 天 前

    See: (kevin D. blanch) youtube channel and (Dana Durnford) channel and see why the orcas are doing this... Fukushima is killing the seas Pacific is 95% dead and the other seas soon...

  73. bostonjedi


    7 天 前

    To the Orcas credit: THOUSANDS of humans are killed every single day by other human beings and simply left to rot. 🤔

  74. sv fantom

    sv fantom

    7 天 前

    Can I get a bite of that whale .?It does look delicious .

  75. TotalNoobFishing


    7 天 前

    What a rip off.... I clearly counted 74

  76. Robert Holmes

    Robert Holmes

    7 天 前

    I'm curious to know why the blood didn't attract sharks?



      5 天 前

      Cause sharks are petrified of orcas.

  77. Mat Martin

    Mat Martin

    7 天 前

    Bullied ??? There wild animals and it’s a beautiful thing.sad that it needed to be a blue whale but it’s nature at its finest

  78. karel luchmansky

    karel luchmansky

    7 天 前

    even shark must run away when meet orcas ....

  79. MATT__ YT

    MATT__ YT

    7 天 前

    Deeeepio be like

  80. frankymacf


    7 天 前

    Orcas - is there a more c*nty animal alive today?

    • Valkorion the Dragon of Zakuul

      Valkorion the Dragon of Zakuul

      7 天 前


  81. George Barnes III

    George Barnes III

    7 天 前

    Guess there wasn’t much footage of the 3 hour incident lol

  82. Kommisarie Rex

    Kommisarie Rex

    7 天 前

    South Communist Morning Post

  83. michel post

    michel post

    7 天 前

    Killer whales... are just killing or...?

  84. Byron Burke

    Byron Burke

    7 天 前

    They have to eat.. humans taking all the fish. Sorry blue whale

  85. T S

    T S

    7 天 前

    So sad really....

  86. T S

    T S

    7 天 前

    There natural food must be disappearing!

  87. Steven Carreon

    Steven Carreon

    7 天 前

    Those birbs are already there and anticipated that there will be scraps

  88. nick rakemer

    nick rakemer

    7 天 前

    Gangsta orcas. Toxic orcas.

  89. Justice For All

    Justice For All

    7 天 前

    75 against 1? No one can beat those odds. To fight for 3 hours was admirable though.

  90. Papa Crow

    Papa Crow

    7 天 前

    A pod of 75 orcas? Wow, they are really the smartest predators

  91. disco4178


    8 天 前


  92. KansaSCaymanS


    8 天 前

    Mother Nature can be cruel.

  93. Moto GP

    Moto GP

    8 天 前

    They are RACIST!!! BLM and the DEMOCRAPS

  94. Matthew Lee

    Matthew Lee

    8 天 前

    Ecosystem has collapsed, Fukushima killed the Pacific Ocean

  95. CoolStory Bro

    CoolStory Bro

    8 天 前

    Getting sick of these orcas 🤦🏽‍♂️ hope all the sharks fck Em up

  96. G Williams

    G Williams

    8 天 前

    Fun fact orcas are not whales but a species of dolphin 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  97. Cartman 4Ever

    Cartman 4Ever

    8 天 前

    RIP big fella, we need more of your kind in the oceans.

    • jwill2k22


      2 天 前

      its a fin whale

    • Mid Fl Tile

      Mid Fl Tile

      8 天 前

      Fella!? Are you assuming it's gender!?

  98. Clayton brewer

    Clayton brewer

    8 天 前

    Another reason for the green new deal racist whales

  99. wudangmtn


    8 天 前

    I’m not convinced that the description is what actually happened. The most orcas that I saw, at one time, in the video were seven. I am no expert, but I have never heard of Orcas swimming in such large groups. The video did not show any Orcas actually biting the whale; nor was there blood in the water, or a carcass. The whole thing looks fishy to me..... oh wait, they are mammals; my bad.🤪

  100. acadian101


    8 天 前

    when this happens i always wondered why the whale doesn't dive down deep?